Initial Coin Offering

Become Shareholder and Earn Dividends

A CDS (Coin Dogs Share) token represents a share in ownership of the game with the right to earn profits from all transactions. The more you play the game, the more shares you will receive.

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Get share tokens by:

  • Buying a dog or an accessory in the game
  • Winning rewards in the game
  • Purchasing share tokens directly with Ether
  • Publishing an article or a video Read more »

Get 10 to 100 CDS shares by publishing an article or a video about the game on your popular blog or YouTube channel. The exact amount is at our discretion based on audience size and overall quality. Small, low-quality blogs with few readers may not qualify. To claim your tokens, email us the link to your article or video.

Played by You, Owned by You

We are distributing 1,000,000 shares (30% ownership stake) to early players and investors. Money raised will be spent on marketing, developing new features, localization to world languages, operational costs, and legal compliance.

What is ICO? Read more »

ICO stands for Initial Coin Offering. It means that a company offers investors units of new crypto-tokens in exchange for popular cryptocurrencies. Since 2013, ICOs have been often used to fund the development of new projects. Investors speculate that the tokens will appreciate on their value as the project grows. A total of $6 billion dollars was raised using ICOs in 2017. You can store your crypto-tokens in any electronic wallet that supports the ERC20 token standard.

Coin Dogs ICO whitepaper


Purchase Tokens Directly with Ether

The fastest and easiest way to get Coin Dogs Share (CDS) tokens is to buy them directly with Ether. We have set up a public contract that automatically and instantly sends you CDS every time a payment is received. This contract is transparent and has verified source code.

To get tokens, send Ether to our contract address using a wallet that works with standard ERC20 tokens. One token can be purchased for approximately $1 value in Ether. This process is automated and cannot be reversed. Make sure you are using a wallet that supports ERC20 tokens. Please do not send your Ether directly from an exchange or from wallets you don't have control over; this risks losing your tokens.

  • To complete a successful transaction with Ether:
  • Use ONLY a wallet that supports ERC20 tokens
  • Submit a minimum investment of 300 tokens
  • Confirm with an attorney that your local law allows you to buy ICO shares

Amount of Tokens You'd Like to Purchase (Whole Number)

Send 1.00 ETH to address

You will automatically receive your tokens to the address you are sending your payment from. To see tokens in your wallet, you may need to add our token contract address to your wallet (usually there's an "Add Token" function in your wallet app). Enter our contract address, with CDS as the symbol and 0 as the number of decimal places.